Lash Tinting / Perming

Create the ideal frame for your eyes with tinting and lash perming treatments. Mobile Noosa /Sunshine Coast
A complete range of shades for you to choose from.

Lash tinting – $20
Brow tinting – $15

Would you like to wake up every morning with nice curly lashes?. You can now put your eyelash curler away as this is the treatment for you. Open up your eyes.

No matter what sort of lashes you have, you’ll look stunning after treating yourself with a natural looking lash curl that lasts up to two months. –  Not available at the moment

Brow and lash tinting and perming is all the rage at the moment for any age.

Having well defined tinted brows and darker tinted lashes really help to  bring out  your eyes with no makeup needed. It is especially good for when you go away on holidays and don’t want to worry about wearing makeup everyday especially if you are swimming.  Also great for normal everyday life and not having to worry about applying brow pencil or mascara on a daily basis. Brow tinting usually lasts up to two weeks and lash tinting up to four weeks.

Lash perming is great way to open up your eyes if you have straight lashes to give them a natural looking curl. We use a product called Ellebama lash curl and treatment usually takes one hour.

Brow/lash tinting and perming is a sophisticated process that requires the right tools, expertise and cosmetics. When you choose our Noosa brow/lash tinting & perming service, rest assured that a highly trained beautician will assist you, using cosmetics and tools that are perfect for your eyes.

Wake up “every” morning with nice dark curly lashes and defined brows.

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